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Uplyme Boarders 1951


Back Row: Richard Howard-Jones/David Oliver??/Roy Humphries/Peter Agar/Geoffrey Baker/ Peter Reader/David Warner/Alan Sallows/Robert Mitchell/Peter Thatcher
Middle Row: Reginald Robey/Tony Harcourt/Nessie McIntyre(Matron)/Mervyn Davies/Iris Davies/Ian Waters/Eric Hall/Ian McCreery
Bottom Row: John Freeth/David Smethurst/Brian Whiting/David Godley/Bill North

OW Peter Archer (1958-1962) has written a comprehensive history on Uplyme Boarding House and would welcome the opportunity to hear from fellow ‘Uplymers’. If you would like to get in touch with Peter or fellow boarders please fill in the contact form below.

We are incredibly grateful to Peter and his friends for all their support.