RGS Celebrate Loud Tie Day in memory of Alan Yeates

Since the sad loss of Alan Yeates, we’ve had a number of OWs and families get in touch with us to ask how the School is intending to remember him and how they may contribute.

We have discussed this with Mrs Yeates and have decided on the following things we would like to do:

  1. Refurbish Alan’s teaching room in the John Prior Languages Building (Alan had occupied this room from the time it was built in the 1990’s) and name the room in his honour
  2. Put up a bench near the cricket pavilion, remembering the many happy hours he gave to the sport
  3. Plant a tree next to the Languages Building to improve the environment, something Alan was always keen to do for both boys and staff
  4. Donate any monies remaining to MacMillan Cancer Support who helped both Alan and his family

To this end, we are also having a Loud Tie Day on Wednesday 25th April.  On this day all boys are asked to wear the loudest tie they can find or borrow in honour of a man who had a collection of over 300 very impressive ties.

If you would like to donate to a lasting memorial for Alan Yeates to mark his 36 years at RGS, these are the ways in which you can do it:

  1. Cheque – payable to Royal Grammar School, please write ALAN YEATES on the back of the cheque
  2. Bank transfer – account details are

Bank                                      HSBC
Sort code                             40-24-17
Account number              42049481
Please put “Alan Yeates” in the reference field

Mrs Yeates and her sons, Jonathan and William, have donated a cup which will be awarded at Senior Prizegiving as the ‘Alan Yeates Senior Cup for Commitment to Modern Languages’.  We are also very grateful to the Wilson family who have donated a cup to be awarded at Junior Prize Giving as the ‘Alan Yeates Junior Cup for Commitment to Modern Languages’.

Philip Wayne


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